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There is a new problem growing here on Long Island, or shall I say growing on your roof. Black marks are appearing all along this beautiful island of ours. The problem is mold, lichen, fungus and algae. The spores adhere to the limestone in your roof shingles causing ugly black marks and stains. The good news is there's a service out there that can provide help. The company is called CPR Roof Restoration Inc. (Clean People's Roofs). The Founder Robert C. Hoffman, grew up in Rocky Point with family roots in that community since the early 1920's. He was the owner and operator of Robert C. Hoffman Contracting Inc. and Hoffman Cleaning Corp. Both companies were on the Allstate Insurance approved vendor list and specialized in fire and water restoration. Robert was an expert witness on roof claims and was certified in mold mitigation.

While visiting his brothers George and Charlie, in
Roanoke, Virginia, they noticed black marks on there roof. The house was only built a few years before and the stains were an eyesore. The brothers decided to do some research on roof cleaning. They found a chemical, made some calls, and ordered up the product. With Rob's background in restoration and his brother's willingness to learn, they were off to clean the roof. The job came out great. The chemical is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. It is not harmful to shrubs, plants, lawns, people or pets. Rob came back to Long Island and has opened up a roof cleaning company called CPR Roof Restoration Inc. Within two years of doing his homework and research, the business is up and running. Brothers George and Charlie are in the process of opening up CPR's in Roanoke, Virginia and Charlotte, North Carolina. The brothers want to franchise their business.

If you notice black marks or stains on your roof, you don't need to replace it Just Clean It!

                   Let CPR Bring Your Roof Back to Life!

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